Industrial Hoists Cases

Scanclimber's industrial hoists are used in many different industrial settings such as mines, storage silos, power plants and shipyards.

The Lhoist Group is one of the world's leading producers of lime, dolime and minerals. The company has grown over the past 35 years while expanding globally. The company operates in 25 countries with more than 90 manufacturing plants and has nearly 6.000 employees


The origins of the Lhoist Group date back to the late nineteenth century when a lime processing plant was opened in Belgium by Hippolyte Dumont. The company's expansion started in France in 1926. The company became active in the USA, Germany and Scandinavian territories in the 1980s. Their operations have recently been expanding to Southern Europe and Asia.

ihoist istain germany sc1500 at ground level

Requirements for the Hoist

Lhoist needed a hoist for their lime production plant for efficient transportation of passengers and materials. The hoist would also allow access to different parts of the plant which could assist in maintenance work.

ihoist istain germany sc1500 at 3 level

Special Features

Scanclimber's SC1500K hoist was installed at this lime production plant for the transportation of materials. One of the special features of this hoist was the ability to load it from two sides. This was done by mounting an entry door on the hoist at ground level.

ihoist istain germany sc1500 at top level