Industrial Hoists Cases

Scanclimber's industrial hoists are used in many different industrial settings such as mines, storage silos, power plants and shipyards.

Ecocem manufactures environment-friendly, CO2 free cement, in several European countries. ORCEM, a subsidiary of Ecocem in the Netherlands, acquired a Scanclimber hoist to service and maintain the separation process plant in Moerdijk. The plant produces ground granulated blast-furnace slag, which is a cement replacement for quality concrete. The Moerdijk plant has been extended to include a new separation process in order to improve production.

The Need of Hoist

The plant extension has a roof at the height of 28 meters. In order for personnel and materials to reach the upper working floor, which is at a height of 24 meters, ORCEM invested in a new Scanclimber SC300K permanent hoist with a lifting capacity of 320 kg and the ability to transport up to 4 people. The hoist has a total of four landings, including the bottom landing. This Scanclimber hoist was equipped with a cage which had floor dimensions of 800 x 1100 mm, an up-down speed of 36 m/min and was driven by the reliable rack and pinion system. The hoist can be operated from the cage and users can call the hoist from any landing.

orcem sc300k cage

One of the biggest advantages of this hoist is that it is callable to a specific floor/landing like an elevator. Scanclimber developed a call control system, in cooperation with TUV in Munich, which allows users to call the platform from the ground station. A display was installed in the platform to warn passengers if a ground call occurs in order to maximize safety. Being able to call the hoist enables unattended operation which in turn reduces waiting times at the ground station. This may increase usage by even 20%. This in turn ensured higher productivity at the plant.

Scanclimber’s solution

The challenge for Scanclimber was to provide an acceptable solution to design and install this hoist in order to complete the factory's structure. The new factory was already finished when Scanclimber representatives met the customer for the first time, which made the project even more demanding. A considerable amount of design work was required due to the limited space between different steel beams and bars within the structure. The additional design work and the use of a mast with an anchoring distance of 6.5 meters made this project successful. A special method was designed for adding the mast to the existing steel structure. The hoist was approved by Notified Body TUV Nederland QA B.V. under Norm NEN-EN 81-1 +A3.

orcem sc300k up