Industrial Hoists Cases

Scanclimber's industrial hoists are used in many different industrial settings such as mines, storage silos, power plants and shipyards.

Walhalla Kalk GmbH & Co. KG deals with the production and sales of products made from limestone such as burned lime, blended lime with special materials and minerals for road construction. Walhalla Kalk is one of the largest and most modernly equipped lime plants in Germany with an annual turnover of 20 million €.

History of Plant

Limestone has been mined from the base of the Keilberg mountain near Regensburg, Germany since the mid-19th century. Three entrepreneurs established a joint venture for the marketing and sales of Walhalla-lime products in 1911. This venture proved successful until WWII when it was difficult to operate while Germany was at war.

After WWII, there was more reconstruction work with continuous developments in the process as well as expansion of lime production. In the 1990s the company expanded their operations to various other countries. On the 1st of Januay 2009, Walhalla Kalk GmbH & Co. KG became a subsidiary of Heidelberger Cement AG making ‘Walhalla Kalk’ a common brand name.

walhalla kalk regensburg lime plant area

The Requirements of the Hoist

Walhalla Kalk needed a hoist at their largest production plant for burnt lime and faster access to different levels of the plant was needed. A more efficient method for the transportation of material and personnel was required from the ground floor to different levels. This could also provide access to different parts of the plant for regular maintenance to avoid untimely stoppages.

Scanclimber's SC1500K hoist was installed at this lime production plant for the transportation of materials. One of the special features of this hoist was the ability to load it from two sides. This was done by mounting an entry door on the hoist at ground level.

walhalla kalk regensburg lime plant sc1500k at top level