• The Gustave Flaubert Bridge

    The Gustave Flaubert Bridge

    Pont Gustave-Flaubert is a vertical-lift bridge constructed over the River Seine in Rouen, France. The bridge is a lift bridge with the length of 120 meters and a height of 86 meters. Having ‘butterflies’ at the top of foundations this bridge provides passage for approximately 50,000 vehicles every day.

  • Need of Hoist

    Need of Hoist

    A unique feature of this bridge is that it has two towers which stand at the height of 86 meters. It is significant that such huge structures need proper maintenance with occasional lifting in order to let vessels pass through. Having towers at such heights, it is highly inefficient to climb the stairs every time maintenance work is conducted.

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  • The Rędziński Bridge in Poland

    The Rędziński Bridge in Poland

    A uniquely designed Scanclimber hoist provides access to pylons on the Rędziński Bridge in Poland, which is a cable-stayed bridge spanning the Oder river in Wrocław.

  • Hoist inside the Bridge pylon

    Hoist inside the Bridge pylon

    Scanclimber installed a SC1000K hoist hoist inside the bridge's pylon. This was a specially configured unit dedicated for concrete wall inspections with a lifting capacity of 1000kg. The elevator climbs a tall mast of 56 meters, which is curved and leans at an angle of 12°. The Scanclimber SC1000K was equipped with a special cage leveling system providing a steady lift through the entire mast.

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Our know-how in bridges

  • Scanclimber has been providing solutions in bridges for many years now. We have expertise in working in different bridge locations and our machines can be customized according to requirement.
  • Our bridge hoists are highly adaptable because of modular design. For example: hoists are not restricted to 100% vertical erection only and they can be deployed at different angles even in an arc form. Flexibility is our weapon and we believe we can fulfill most of your modification requirements.
  • Scanclimber philosophy highly emphasizes safely. We have developed our hoists ensuring all the safety standards. Our services team is well trained experienced and we often can ensure 24 hrs service availability.
sc1000k for bridge pylon mostostal poland


gustave flaubert bridge front

A bridge is a structure which provides passage over physical obstacles. Bridges can be of many types like beam bridges, moveable, cable-stayed, etc. Like any other large structure, bridges need maintenance as well to sustain for longer periods. The level of difficulty of maintenance increases with large moveable bridges where the tower height could exceed 100 m. There are many ways to access the bridges for maintenance. One efficient way which Scanclimber offers is to install their hoist. This could either be installed inside or outside the tower depending on different conditions like requirement of maintenance, available installation space, etc.

Bridge installation

redzinski bridge pylon inside square

The installation of hoist inside bridge tower is challenging. This is because the spaces inside tower are narrow and can be at certain angles, so the carriageways are not always vertically straight. Scanclimber offers a range of mast and anchoring solutions which are highly flexible and customized according to the requirements of the sites. Range of suitable hoists vary based on,

  • Cage dimensions
  • Payload capacity (300-3200 kg)
  • Space available at site (where hoist needs to be installed)

Scanclimber Industrial products

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