• New Centum SC10000

    The SC10000 is the most powerful addition to Scanclimber’s mast climbing work platforms. Launched on the occasion of Finland’s 100th Independence Day, the machine is named ‘Centum’. The rack and pinion driven Centum is probably the strongest mast climber in the market of vertical access solutions.
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  • Huge payload capacity

    This new member of the Scanclimber family is a perfect platform for heavy duty facade work like brick laying, facade and window element installation for especially high rise construction projects. Having a huge payload capacity is a crucial differentiating factor for the Centum with respect to heavy duty operations at bigger heights without compromising on the work ergonomics.
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  • Vertical access solution

    When it comes to mast climbing work platforms with the highest payloads without compromising on the quality and safety parameters, Scanclimber is a world leader of transport platform solutions. In the last decade, the firm has come a long way in developing heavy duty work platforms and the Centum will be the greatest release so far.
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  • Improves productivity

    The Centum comes with the usual refinements and is compatible with all the prior Scanclimber MCWP add-ons and extensions. Depending on the load capacity and platform length, the Centum can have a single or a twin mast arrangement.
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Noise cancellation panels used with Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Blue Horizon is a 70 meter high building in Frankfurt which was under complete renovation. With its vicinity right in the heart of Frankfurt there was need of a solution which delivers the project in time with less noise levels in the neighbourhood during the project. For this purpose 2.8 meter high noise cancellation panels were used with Scanclimber by Tractel MCWPs which proved best for this project.

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The Product of the Year Scanclimber Double-Decker

Scanclimber was awarded a second year in a row the title :"The Product of the Year" in the class of Mast Climbing Work Platforms and Hoists in IAPA Awards 2014 competition. The International Awards for Powered Access (IAPA) 2014 price giving ceremony attracted a huge crowd of more than 500 attendees as when winners picked up their trophies. The event was organized by International Power Access Federation (IPAF) and Access International trade journal.  Read more about the event.
Scanclimber won the IAPA "The Product of the Year" award with new revolutionary mast climber platform desing called ”Double-Decker”. Wikipedia defines Double-Decker: “A double-decker is a vehicle that has two levels for passengers or cargo, one deck above the other”.
The Double-Decker platform is well suited for work on different types of 3 dimensional complex surfaces, like in construction and shipbuilding or similar industries where there are needs to work on facades or high horizontal surfaces with protruding obstructions. In our example case, the Double-Decker is used for shipbuilding work at a German shipbuilder. Company designs and constructs yachts, naval ships and special vessels.
Using the free standing twin, the SC8000 MCWP construction, which reaches a height of 20,7 meters without anchorings.
  • Maximum platform length: 20,67 m
  • Maximum platform width: 5,32 m
  • Maximum free standing height: 21,1 m
  • Lifting speed: 7,2 m/min
  • Payload: 2 000 kg
  • Platform height at the lowest position: 1,55 m
  • Lifting Motors: 2 x 4,0 kW
  • Power supply 400VAC, 50 Hz, 32 Ampspacity

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