SC2032-65VL Technical Data Overview

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Description of the SC2032-65VL main components 
  • SC2032-65VL
    Scanclimber SC2032-65VL can be equipped with one or two cages. The payload of each cage is 2000 kg or 24 persons.
  • Ground Station
    Ground Station
    Armada Hoists has a light ground station, typically bolted onto a concrete or similar slab. The handedness of cage can be chosen. The standard Armada Hoists ground station is equipped with one front door.
  • Cage
    Standard cage size of an Armada Hoist is 3.2 m x 1.5 m.
  • Mast Section
    Mast Section
    Armada Hoist mast sections are hotdip galvanized which ensures their long lifetime. One section is 1.5 m tall and weighs only 133 kg.
  • Drive units control panel
    Drive units control panel
    The Armada hoist is always equipped with a frequency controller (FC). The frequency controlled motor gives smooth starting and stopping with low starting current and less wear and tear – so ensuring an extended lifetime.
  • Safety Brake
    Safety Brake
    The safety brake ensures that even in a complete breakdown of the drive unit, the cage will not fall down. A mechanical, spring-loaded safety brake is a standard safety feature in Armada hoists. It improves safety and reliability of the hoist for everyday use. The long-lasting safety brake is well protected from dirt and dust and is practically maintenance-free.
  • Drive Units
    Drive Units
    Armada 2032-65VL has three 11 kw's lifting motors with a standard speed of 54 m/min.
Technical DataSC2032-65VL
Payload 2000 kg
Cage internal length 3200 mm
Cage internal width x height 1510 x 2040 mm
Speed 54 m/min
Single or twin cage version YES
Lifting motors:
  • Mid-speed 54 m/min
Power supply voltage 400 V / 50 Hz
Top drive lifting unit YES
Overspeed safety device YES
Max. lifting height, with anchored mast 200 m (higher on request)
Anchoring distance Approved to 12 m (21 m on request)
Mast section:
  • height
1,5 m
Operation temperature -25...+40°C


Description of the SC2032-65VL option components
  • Landing Gates and Doors
    Landing Gates and Doors
    Different landing gates and doors are available for the Armada Hoist. Most of the Scanclimber manufactured gates or doors are compatible with Armada Hoist. All the gates and floors are equipped with an interlocking system.
  • Ramp Door
    Ramp Door
    Landing level access door can be equipped with a manually or hydraulically operated 700 mm length ramp.
  • Double Cage Version
    Double Cage Version
    The possibility to use two cages at the same time.
  • Mast Crane
    Mast Crane
    The mast is easily assembled with the help of an optional mast assembly crane.
  • Ramp Door
    Ramp Door
    A ramp is available as an option for Armada hoists. The back door of the cage can be equipped with a manual ramp to enable access to the building.