The industrial hoist family

INDUSTRIAL HOISTS are widely used in various industries for the vertically transport personnel, materials and tools. Scanclimber provides special purpose hoists for an array of applications in several industries, including those with hazardous area classifications. Each hoist is designed to meet the requirements of a specific location and its environment, and are also available with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 200 meters.

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The advantages of industrial hoists:

  • a long life expectancy
  • a simple installation
  • great lifting height
  • an easy implementation of structural modifications during installation
  • no enclosed shaft needed
  • indoor and outdoor possibilities
  • customizability
industrial hoist family

THE MODULAR SYSTEM allows customization to achieve required configurations with special features and characteristics. The hoist family offers a range of cage sizes, speed options and lifting capacities. Additionally, there is a wide variety of landing doors and mast anchoring systems.

industrial hoist family motor

OUR INDUSTRIAL HOISTS can be equipped with a frequency control unit (VFC), with closed-loop, which provides a very smooth start and stop, with low starting current and less wear and tear.

industrial hoist family mast

A MAST CAN BE CHOSEN according to the installation space. Special conditions may require a smaller hoist. Then, narrow two-pipe or four-pipe masts could be used. When heavier payloads and longer anchoring distances are required, industrial hoists may be erected with a 650x650 rigid mast. This allows the maximum anchoring distance of 10 meters.

SCANCLIMBER’S INDUSTRIAL HOISTS are used in many different industries. Hoists help users to access, monitor and service key processes in their sites and plants. Our industrial hoists are developed to withstand even the harshest conditions in demanding environments.
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Our hoists are installed inside the bridge towers to help bridge maintenance.
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Industrial plants

We have been providing solutions to maintenance and inspection of different kind of industrial plants.
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Industrial automation

Scanclimber hoists helps in handling of material efficiently reducing substantial time and effort consumed in material handling.
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Harbours and shipyards

Our rack and pinion crane hoists facilitates the access of the cranes.

OUR LIGHT-WEIGHT INDUSTRIAL HOIST FAMILY with lifting capacities ranging from 300 kgs to 700 kgs and lifting speeds from 36 m/min to 60 m/min provide fast and convenient solutions for lifting personnel and materials.

Light-weight industrial hoists

SC400K front 01

OUR HEAVY-DUTY INDUSTRIAL HOIST FAMILY offers heavier lifting capacities up to 2000 kgs witch lifting speed ranging from 36 m/min to 60 m/min. Our hoists may be used to transport people, materials and tools with a a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 200 m.

Heavy-duty industrial hoists

sc2000K side 01
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