• Hoists to ports and harbors

    Hoists to ports and harbors

    Scanclimber designed a customized SC300K Industrial hoist to easing crane maintenance at the port of Le Havre, France.
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  • Chimney hoist

    Chimney hoist

    The SC500K successfully used in the Dolna Odra power plant for periodic chimney maintenance and to access the emissions monitoring equipment installed on the chimney.
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Light-weight industrial hoists

Our light-weight industrial hoists provide a fast and convenient way for lifting smaller payloads of personnel and materials vertically in demanding conditions such as bridges, harbors, mines, silos, power plants and shipyards.

Each light-weight hoist is designed to meet the requirements of a given location and its environment, and are available with lifting capacities from 300 up to 700 kilograms.

EVERY MODELS ARE MODULAR and provide reliability and low cost of ownership, making it a profitable investment in a range of industries.

SPECIAL CONDITIONS on sites and different fields of application require flexible and applicable access technology. In order to be one step ahead of our competitors, we are constantly working to further improve and modify our products.

SC700K safety break

The safety brake ensures that the cage will not fall down, even in a complete breakdown of a drive unit. A mechanical, spring-loaded safety brake is a standard safety feature in every model. It improves the safety and reliability of our hoists. The long-lasting safety brake is well protected from any dirt or dust and is practically maintenance-free.

SC700K ground station

Hoist cages are available in several sizes and different door positions. The smallest cage’s internal size is 78 cm x 101 cm with a height of 209 cm. But since the hoist design is modular, the width and depth of the cage may be changed in increments of 12 cm, with the largest possible internal dimensions of the cage being 102 cm x 173 cm. A front door, back door and large side door are available.

The ground stations are bolted on to a concrete or similar foundation. The standard ground station is equipped with a front door but there are options for a back door and a wider side door.

A cable trolley system guides the electricity cable, allowing it to run smoothly while the cage is in motion.

Our hoists are equipped with an overload control system, preventing the use of the hoist if it is loaded by more than 10% over it’s regular capacity.

SC700K motors
The light-weight industrial hoist is available in two drive systems. With two-geared motors when the capacities range from 300 kg to 700 kg, and with one-geared motor when capacities range from 300 kg to 400 kg.

Light-weight industrial hoists models

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