• Hoists to ports and harbors

    Hoists to ports and harbors

    Scanclimber designed a customized SC300K Industrial hoist to easing crane maintenance at the port of Le Havre, France.
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  • Chimney hoist

    Chimney hoist

    The SC500K successfully used in the Dolna Odra power plant for periodic chimney maintenance and to access the emissions monitoring equipment installed on the chimney.
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dolna odra power plant sc500k mounted on the chimney

SC500K is the midle size hoist of Scanclimber Light-weight industrial hoist product family. With a load capacity 500 kg and lifting speed from 36 to 60 m/min hoist provide a fast and convenient way to carry smaller payloads of personnel and materials vertically in demanding conditions such as at bridges, harbours, mines, silos, power plants and ship building.

The modular system allows to choose hoist with the required configuration and special features and characteristics. There are available a wide variety of landing doors and mast anchoring systems. The hoist's structure and material are resistant to weather variations and retard the influence of corrosive materials. The hoist can be installed both indoors and outside.

A mast can chosen according the hoist's installation space needs. Special conditions may require a very small hoist footprint, then narrow two-pipe or four-pipe masts can be used.

SC500K Technical Data Overview

  • Main Components
  • Details
  • Technical Data
  • Electrical Data
  • Technical Data Lift Car and Lifting Mechanism
Description of SC500K main components 
  • SC500K Lift base and pit
    SC500K Lift base and pit
    The bottom station is based on a support slab with dimensions adjusted to the bottom station dimensions. The lift pit is composed of the lower part of the bottom station with a height of 0,8 m. The mast base (1) with elastometer buffers (2) is mounted on the lift pit support base. The buffers are used for emergency braking of the car. In the station enclosure composed of sheet-coated walls, there is a swing double door (3) equipped with a safety lock Kronenberg.
  • SC500K Mast section
    SC500K Mast section
  • SC500K Landings
    SC500K Landings
    On the landings, there are landing swing dual doors (1) with safety lock Kronenberg (2). The landing door with inside dimensions of 900 x 2000 mm is opened manually. Below the threshold, the landing door has an apron (3).
  • SC500K Car
    SC500K Car
    The car with a lifting capacity of Q = 500 kg moves with a speed of v = 0.60 m/min. The car's dead weight is 1100 kg. The car and the landings are designed such that it is possible to enter and leave the car from one side of the car. The car door (1) is made like a swing door. The door is coated with a solid steel sheet. A safety lock Kronenberg (2) is used for locking the door. Below the threshold, the car is equipped with an apron (3).
    In case of emergency, it is possible to evacuate people from the car through a trap door (4) in the roof sized 400 x 600 m, therefore guardrails (5) 1100-mm high are installed on the roof, with a 150-mm toeboard (6).
  • SC500K Drive unit
    SC500K Drive unit
    The lift drive is provided by one drive unit installed above the car roof, equipped with 9,2 kW electric motors with an helical-level gear. In case of emergency, it is possible to lower the car and to stop the car precisely at the nearest landing.
Description of SC500K  main components 
  • SC500 K mast and upper safety space
    SC500 K mast and upper safety space
    For the mast construction, mast sections 1508 mm high are used, with load bearing tubes spacing of 650 mm. The mast is anchored to the supporting structure at distances of 12 m by means of a special vertical anchoring. Upper buffers are mounted on the last mast section.
  • SC500K Safety brake
    SC500K Safety brake
    The car is equipped with a UC-3.0A safety brake (1) and with an overload control system which prevents a normal startup when the rated lifting capacity exceeds 20%.
  • SC500K Door opening system
    SC500K Door opening system
    KRONENBERG opening system for doors.
  • SC500K Overload control system
    SC500K Overload control system
  • SC500K Communication system
    SC500K Communication system
    Door phone AMPHITECH PTC70
  • SC500K Running of a cable
    SC500K Running of a cable
    The car is connected with the upper or lower landing by means of the following cables laid permanently halfway up the mast height:
    - power cable H07RN-F 4 x 16
    - control cable H07RN-F 12 x 1.5
    and then with a travelling cable SEMOFLEX BAULIFT4x16+1x2,5+10x1,5 drawing through a cable carrying carriage.
  • SC500K Safety lock
    SC500K Safety lock
    Landing and car door safety lock type KRONENBERG DLF2.
Technical DataSC500K
Payload 500 kg or 5 persons
Speed 36 m/min
52 m/min
Lifting height >200 m
Max. free mast after topmost anchoring 5 m
Max. distance between anchors 12 m
Weight of the mast section 134 kg
Weight of the lift car 1100 kg
Operation temperature -25°C – +45 °C
Noise level to the surroundings [dB (A)] Max. 80 dB
Electrical Data 
Number of lifting motors 1
Motor rating 11 kW
Starting current 40 A
Power consumption 10 kW
Supply voltage 230/400 V  AC 50 Hz
Lift control voltage
  • safety
  • control circuits
  • 48 V AC
  • 24 V DC
Lighting circuit voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz
Signal circuit voltage
  • lamps
  • buzzer 
  • 48 V AC
  • 12 V AC
Permissible voltage variation ±5 %
Fault mode current protection residual current device
Technical Data for the
Lift Car and Lifting Mechanism
Car (internal)
  • width
  • depth
  • height
  • weight
  • 1300 mm
  • 1500 mm
  • 2100 mm
  • 1100 kg
Mast section
  • length
  • load bearing tubes spacing
  • mast bolts
  • weight
  • 1508 mm
  • 650 mm
  • M20 x 260-10.9 - 4 pc./section
  • 134 kg
Electric motor
  • type
  • nominal power
  • rated speed
  • supply voltage
  • rated current
  • weight
  • DV132ML4 - SEW
  • 11 kW
  • 1440 [1/min]
  • >230/400 V - 50 Hz
  • 18,1 A
  • 75 kg
  • operating principle
  • type
  • braking torque
  • weight
  • Disk type,
  • electro magnetically switched
  • BM15/HR - SEW
  • 75 Nm
  • 25 kg
  • type
  • gear ratio
  • weight
  • KF77 - SEW
  • 1:15.84
  • 60 kg
Driving pinion
  • module
  • number of teeth
  • rotation speed
  • 6 mm
  • 20
  • 91 [1/min]
Safety brake
  • operating principle
  • type
  • tripping speed
  • weight
  • Progressive, centrifugal action
  • UC – 3.0 A
  • 0,9 m/s
  • 32,5 kg
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