• Hoists to ports and harbors

    Hoists to ports and harbors

    Scanclimber designed a customized SC300K Industrial hoist to easing crane maintenance at the port of Le Havre, France.
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  • Chimney hoist

    Chimney hoist

    The SC500K successfully used in the Dolna Odra power plant for periodic chimney maintenance and to access the emissions monitoring equipment installed on the chimney.
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SC700K is the strongest hoist in our light-weight industrial hoists product family with loading capacity 10 persons or 700 kilograms and lifting speed from 36 to 60 m/min. Since the hoist design is modular, SC700K can be designed to meet the requirements of the specific location and its environment.

HOIST CAGE internal footprint size is 1020x1730 mm with a height of 2090 mm. Cage can be equipped with a front door, back door and big side door.

GROUND STATION need to be bolted on a concrete or similar foundation. The SC700K ground station is equipped with one door but there are optionally available a back door and a wider side door.

SC700K LIGHT-WEIGHT industrial hoist is available with two lifting motors.

3 DIFFERENT MAST TYPES are available. All mast sections are 1508 mm high. Mast type is selected according to mast height and anchoring distance.

SC700K Technical Data Overview

  • SC700K Technical Data
  • SC700K Electrical Data
  • SC700K Technical Data Lift Car and Lifting Mechanism
Technical DataSC700K
Payload 700 kg or 10 persons
Speed 36 m/min
60 m/min
Lifting height ≤200 m
Max. free mast after topmost anchoring 5 m
Max. distance between anchors 12 m
Weight of the mast section 134 kg
Weight of the lift car 1100 kg
Operation temperature -25°C – +45 °C
Noise level to the surroundings [dB (A)] Max. 80 dB
Electrical DataSC700K
Number of lifting motors 2
Motor rating 11 kW
Starting current 40 A
Power consumption 10 kW
Supply voltage 230/400 V  AC 50 Hz
Lift control voltage
  • safety
  • control circuits
48 V AC
24 V DC 
Lighting circuit voltage 230 V AC 50 Hz
Signal circuit voltage
  • lamps
  • buzzer 
  • 48 V AC
    12 V AC
    Permissible voltage variation ±5%
    Fault mode current protection residual current device
    Technical Data for the
    Lift Car and Lifting Mechanism
    Car (internal)
    • width
    • depth
    • height
    • weight
    1020 mm
    1730 mm
    2090 mm
    1100 kg
    Mast section
    • length
    • load bearing tubes spacing
    • mast bolts
    • weight
    1508 mm
    650 mm
    M20 x 260-10.9 - 4 pc./section
    134 kg 
    Electric motor
    • type
    • nominal power
    • rated speed
    • supply voltage
    • rated current
    • weight
    DV132ML4 - SEW
    11 kW
    1440 [1/min]
    230/400 V - 50 Hz
    18,1 A
    75 kg
    • operating principle
    • type
    • braking torque
    • weight
    Disk type,
    electro magnetically switched
    BM15/HR - SEW
    75 Nm
    25 kg 
    • type
    • gear ratio
    • weight
    KF77 - SEW
    60 kg
    Driving pinion
    • module
    • number of teeth
    • rotation speed
    6 mm
    91 [1/min]
    Safety brake
    • operating principle
    • type
    • tripping speed
    • weight
    Progressive, centrifugal action
    UC – 3.0 A
    0,9 m/s
     32,5 kg
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