All Reach Extension

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The Scanclimber All Reach Extension (ARE) is a versatile expansion for standard Mast Climbing Work Platforms, that helps you access places otherwise unreachable.

Are is like a "freely" moving diagonal platform on the main platform, that not only slides in and out more than 5 meters, but also slides along the platform and slews by 90 degrees.

It converts the standard MCWP into a dynamically-aligning, high-reach access machine that makes it easier and quicker to perform work on very complex or uneven surfaces.

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The all reach extension fits into the Scanclimber MCWP product range. It is fully compatible with existing SC5000, SC6000 and SC8000 products. It offers new application and use opportunities to existing customers, who can use our products in ways that are both versatile and productive.

ARE can carry a payload of 2 persons with tools = 2 x 120 kg = 240 kg. It is 700 mm wide and 7 meters long.

Are offers several advantages for all users of Scanclimber MCWPs since expansion is available for Scanclimber’s MCWP models. Once you have an ARE, it can be installed on any MCWPs you have.

all reach extension up45
  • ability to adjust the platform position, reach and angle steplessly whilst in the air and in complete safety
  • outside reach up to 5.5 meters from the main platform edge
  • the narrow extension can slew +45°
  • access inside the structure
  • provides high reach access on buildings/structures with pillars,masts cavities, coneshapes and offsets
  • robust design, materials and manufacture allows freedom of use in demanding/harsh conditions.
  • Feel free to leave us a message if you have any requests, questions or feedback and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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