At the work site of Finland's tallest Hotel, goods and men travel with help of Scanclimber construction hoists

After a long planning period in Tampere, the Tower Hotel construction work is now underway in the former customs territory of the Tampere railway station. The developer was Mutual Insurance Company Pension - Fennia and the hotel is built by the SRV Corporation. The hotel business, in turn, will be run by SOK Sokotel. Construction work began in November 2012 and was ongoing for 2 years. The inaugural ceremony was held at the end of 2014.

The Hotel

tampere tower hotel sc1432 01
The hotel consists of two main parts, the new high tower section and of the restored, a hundred year old, locomotive house including an old water tower. The restored part will serve as a ground floor service section with restaurants and a reception. The hotel tower has 25 floors above the ground and two basement floors. The 300 hotel rooms are located in the tower section. The Tower Hotel reaches a height of 88 meters at the top. This exceeds the height of Finland's previous tallest residential building “Cirrus”, by half a meter. Cirrus is located in Vuosaari, Helsinki.

Need of Hoist

tampere tower hotel sc1432 double
During the construction phase, the transportation of persons and goods is being handled by Scanclimber’s construction hoists. For heavy lifting loads, the site is equipped with a tower crane. When the floors above the ground level were starting to be built, the first double caged Scanclimber SC1432 hoist was erected on the wall of the tower. Both cages had a lifting capacity of 1400 kg and could run independently and stop at any floor. Each floor was equipped with the highest class of safety equipment with full height doors that open only when the hoist is at the correct floor position.
The hoist height was increased on a weekly basis as the construction work progressed. This secured traffic always to the top floor of the building. When the building height reached the 20th floor, another single caged hoist, SC1432 was erected next to the double caged hoist. This ensured short waiting times even during peak traffic hours on the floors.
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