Scanclimber delivers quality at Kåfjord Bridge Alta, Norway

Kåfjord Bridge is a recently built cable-stayed bridge on Kåfjord, connecting the villages in the Alta municipality in Finnmark County, Norway. The bridge connects with the E6 motorway and it extends up to 9.3 km. The bridge has a single, large tower from which cables support the bridge deck.

Project features

kafjord bridge tower
A unique feature of this project is the construction of the angled tower which stands on huge pillars in the middle of the fjord. The angled structure required a system that could facilitate the transportation of material and personnel efficiently.
Safety was another concern as the transportation system needed to withstand extreme weather conditions and intense winds i.e. working winds of 80 km/h and storm winds up to 170 km/hr. Considering all these factors, Scanclimber’s SC2032-65 hoist was chosen for the project.
The tower was to be built with a curved profile, so the hoist needed to be mounted at a given counter angle to allow erection along the tower. An angled hoist base was cast. The project included a 10-stage erection process for the hoist. The hoist anchoring distance changed as the tower progressed due to the tower’s vertical curvature.
kafjord bridge sc2032 65
The planned height for the tower was 70 m and the hoist was installed when tower construction reached around 20 m. The hoist was a key tool in the construction of the rest of the tower. The hoist was installed at the site in Aug, 2012 and the Kåfjord bridge project was completed a year later. The bridge was opened to traffic on 20 Dec, 2013.
Project Facts 
Hoist used SC2032-65
No. of units used 1
Payload of hoist 2000 kg or 24 persons
Height of tower 70 m
Hoist installed August, 2012
Project completion December, 2013
Unique features 10 stage hoist erection
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