Scanclimber’s contribution to the construction of Nigeria’s first cable-stayed bridge

The Lekki Ikoyi Link Bridge was the first suspended cable stayed bridge built in Nigeria. The bridge was built to link the rapidly developing Lekki area with Ikoyi in the city of Lagos. Scanclimber’s wega hoist SC2032-65 played a key role in the construction of the bridge tower.

Need for a Scanclimber hoist solution

lagos nigeria hoist anchoring
This project includes construction of a high tower which holds the whole bridge together. Building the tower was the trickiest part of the whole project as it had to be built in water with no concrete base or platform available. Additionally, the planned height of the tower was 90 m. There was a need for transporting material and workers efficiently. The tower design included a curved structure and installing a machine to travel vertically along such a curved path was challenging. This is where Scanclimber hoists, universally capable of delivering such services in complicated structures, are used and trusted.

Project Features

lagos nigeria hoist carryying material and labour
In order to install the hoist along the tower, a special inclined base was built for the hoist so that it could travel along the tower at the required angle. Another interesting feature of this project is the special anchoring. The anchoring distance changes as the hoist ascends, in order to provide a smooth transition and to overcome the steep angle changes.
Due to constant landing level changes, an extendable anchor assembly bridge was mounted on the hoist. Since the anchoring distances varied with the construction of the bridge tower, a similar extendable assembly bridge was also mounted on the roof of the hoist. This was used every time anchoring or re-anchoring was required. This ensured the safety of the workers involved in this process.
Project Facts 
Hoist used SC2032-65
No. of units used 1
Payload of hoist 2000 kg or 24 persons
Height of tower 90 m
Hoist installed 2011
Project completion 2013
Unique features Angled erection, special anchoring
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