The Falcon hoists at Niittyhuippu construction project

A special indoor solution for the vertical transportation of personnel was used in the construction of the Niittyhuippu building in Espoo, Finland. A construction hoist was installed within the small footprint of an elevator shaft.

Niittyhuippu Shaft Hoist

SRV the main contractor a construction project of the 26-storey and 90 meters high apartment building Niittyhuippu used Falcon hoists to material and person transportation. Niittyhuippu, set close to the Gulf of Finland shore, is the tallest residential building in Espoo. The building offers the inhabitants a spectacular view over southern Espoo, all the way to the Gulf of Finland.

The space available in the elevator shaft to install the vertical transportation system was only 2.2 m x 2.8 m. This very restrictive space for the hoist installation was challenging for two reasons:

  • Firstly, the construction hoist with the mast assembly and anchorings had to fit inside 2.2 m x 2.8 m shaft.
  • Secondly, erection and dismantling had to take place without causing any damage.
scanclimber niittykumpu shaft inside

Scanclimber supplied a slightly modified standard Falcon construction hoist. The customized solution included a Falcon SC2032FL-H48 hoist with cage length reduced from 3.2 m to 2.0 m. The shaft hoist was installed inside the building when it was built to a height of four floors. Then, the hoist height was increased as the building grew. While the number of floors increased, so did the hoist mast and landing doors – all the way to the top.

scanclimber niittykumpu lifting shaft

Once the 26-floor-construction work inside was finished, the 90m hoist needed to be dismantled and lifted out from the inside. You can see the dismantling process by watching the video.


Falcon SC2032FL as shaft hoist


The dismantling process was done by lifting call boxes, landing doors and masts in sets through the shaft hole in roof of the building. A tower crane at the construction site lifted these sets. The dismantling of the hoist had to be done safely and carefully. The shaft was very narrow, space was limited, and it was important to avoid collisions with the walls. Wooden frames with rollers on both ends were attached to the bottom and top of the hoist. The rollers kept the hoist and set distance to the shaft walls even and prevented collisions.
scanclimber niittykumpu two shafts

The Scanclimber shaft hoist solution assisted the construction process of Niittyhuippu by transporting personnel inside the building. For material transportation, a twin Scanclimber Falcon SC1432-H48 construction hoist was in operation on the outside wall of the building.

Project Facts 
Machines used Construction Hoists
Max. Working Height 90 meters
Building Type Residential
Building Height 90 meters
No. of Floors 26 (24 above ground level, 2 floor basement)
No. of Apartments 125
Construction Beginning March, 2015
Construction Finishing October, 2017
Special features
  • Special shaft hoist with customized 2 meter cage length installed in 2.2 x 2.8 meter space.
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