Glide Rail Extension

glide rail front

Scanclimber’s glide rail is an additional equipment meant for the Mast Climbing Work Platform which helps to move and deliver façade elements on the platform at any given height. The Glide Rail has a simple design and it is easy to install. Similar to all the other Mast Climber Extensions, the Glide Rail is compatible with all the existing Mast Climbing Work Platforms that Scanclimber have to offer.

The glide rail is a special tool that helps to transport and deliver facade elements (such as glass/concrete panels) at any given height.

This versatile expansion can be latched on to the lifting frame of the Mast Climber and hence it moves up and down along.

glide rail side2

The glide rail the best tool around for installing facade or window elements on tall structures. The equipment can be lifted and moved at any desired height. A significant amount of transportation and machine costs (cranes) can be cut down by employing a Glide Rail instead. Using the Top-Cranes for lifting façade elements is handy only up to a certain height since the Top Crane latches on top of the mas. The Glide Rail overrides this limitation as it moves along with the Mast Climber.

The glide rail rail has a maximum payload of 600 kg. It can be carried on the platform up to a height desired and once it is latched on to the lifting frame and locked, it does not have any effect on the platform itself.