Top Crane Extension

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Mast Climber Top Crane (MCTC) is a crane expansion which adds many construction crane properties for standard Mast Climbing Work Platforms. It is mounted at the top the Mast Climber mast and is able to rotate 360°. With counter weight it is possible to lift payloads up to 1000 kilograms. The crane can be used for lifting material from ground to platform or directly to the building. It is is a good choice for example at work sites where façade elements or windows elements are installed. With crane the elements can be lifted to the platform and men on the Mast Climber Platform can carry on installation work at the same time. Top Crane can save money in machine costs (crane) and operational space on work site.

Payload capacity depends on the length of the lifting arm and whether the Top Crane is equipped with counter weight. Top Crane can handle payload of 900 kilograms when it is equipped with counter weight and without it the crane arm is able to lift material up to 400 kg at the tip of the crane. In addition the lifted material can be rotated full circle, 360 degrees, around the mast and move along the 6 meters long crane arm.

top crane installation

Full 360° circular slewing is a special feature of the crane. Full circle slewing provides more options to handle the material on the work site. Productivity increases when material can be lifted from ground to platform or to top of the building. This reduces the downtime and saves material handling costs and improve productivity.

Installation of Top Crane is easy and fast as it takes only slightly more time than standard erection of a Mast Climbing Work Platform. First the Mast Climber is erected and then Top Crane is installed on top of the Mast Climber’s mast. Practically with one installation you have two machines erected.

Existing Scanclimber Mast Climber owners can benefit from Mast Climber Top Crane, because it is compatible with SC1300, SC4000, SC5000, SC6000 and SC8000 Mast Climbers.

Dual use is the prime factor of Mast Climber crane. More people can work on the platform and the crane can be operated to lift loads at the same time. This increases work efficiency and better utilization of available resources. Instead of using two or more different kind of machines, it can save much initial capital, labour costs, servicing costs as well as working space on job sites by using Mast Climber Top Crane.

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Non-counter weighted Mast Climber Crane can stand freely without anchoring up to height of 15 meters (wheel chassis required). With counter weight the maximal free standing mast height is 11 meters. This makes free standing Mast Climber with Top Crane feasible for 3-5 floor high building projects. When Mast Climber Work Platform's mast is anchored Top Crane can be installed up to any mast height.

Mast Climber with dual machine characteristics  can be installed in various locations and uses. It can be used for example in window installation or in balcony work. Mast Climber crane can lift material to the floors or to the platform from ground level while men keep working on the platform. Mast Climber with Top Crane can be used in two different ways:

  • Use in Coordination with MCWP: Mast Climber crane can be used increase the project productivity by lifting material or tools from ground to the platform and vice versa.
  • Independent Use: Crane works separately regardless of Mast Climbing Platform activity e.g. crane could be used to carry material to a specific floor or to the roof of the building while workers on MCWP are performing their work independently.
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