Scanclimber general warranty conditions

In this document Scanclimber Sp. z o.o as a manufacturer and Scanclimber Oy as a supplier is called shortly as a Scanclimber. This warranty information is a valuable document that will help the purchaser, owner or leaseholder (=client) to gain maximum use of the Scanclimber® equipment (=product) to which the warranty applies. Scanclimber which is the legal entity responsible under this warranty supplies the product.

Before using the product, please observe the following: read carefully through and follow the original documentation for the operation, maintenance and safety issues, which accompany the product. If the manuals or instructions are not available or if a copy in a different language is needed, please contact your local representative or Scanclimber directly.

1. Conditions for the appliance of the warranty

    The following must be met in order for this warranty to apply:
  • The product must be operated and maintained strictly in accordance with the Scanclimber product specifications of the product, operation, maintenance and safety instructions.
  • Only genuine spare parts supplied by Scanclimber have been used in the maintenance of the product.
  • Replaced parts must be kept available for Scanclimber representative’s inspection until the warranty claim is finally settled.
  • Installation and production environment of the product is according to the environmental specifications of the operation manual.
  • Electricity and other supplies are according to the specifications of the product.
  • All defects under this warranty must be claimed in writing to or Scanclimber within the period of time specified below.
  • It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure that the above conditions have been fulfilled.

2. Scope

Subject to the conditions in this warranty information, Scanclimber warrants that the product specified in the Sales Agreement, when delivered to the original purchaser, is free from defects in material and workmanship as well as conforms with Scanclimber’s specifications relating to the product.

This warranty applies to the original purchaser and any subsequent owner who acquires the product within six months of the date of delivery of the product to the original purchaser, but cannot be further transferred.

This warranty does not cover consumable parts, for example: fluids, hydraulic hoses, seals, filters, belts, rollers, bulbs, fuses, bolts, nuts, wire ropes, straps, accessories, fastenings, batteries etc, unless it can be undisputable evidence that such a part was defective already at the time of delivery of the product to the client.

Scanclimber reserves the right to change the designs or specifications of its products already sold, manufactured or delivered to any purchaser.

3. Warranty period

This warranty will remain in force as written in Sales Agreement of the specific product or if not mentioned the warranty period is one year.

The warranty of the replaced or repaired part expires at the same time as the original warranty of the supplied product.

4. Implementation of the warranty

The warranty covers the repair or replacement (repaired or new component) of defective parts, at Scanclimber’s option. Any defective parts that are replaced become the property of Scanclimber. If special expertise is not needed for replacing the defective part, Scanclimber fulfills its responsibility by delivering the replacement part to the client.

If special expertise is needed to solve the warranty claim, all the work carried out under this warranty must be performed by Scanclimber and during normal working hours. This warranty does not cover any repair work performed by the client if this is not separately agreed beforehand and confirmed in writing by Scanclimber.

Where applicable, Scanclimber shall deliver parts covered by warranty, free of charge under terms CIP, to the client’s nearest international entry. All other costs, e.g. duties, are to be carried by the client. When parts are required to be returned to Scanclimber, the right to accept return costs in advance is reserved.

5. What the warranty does not cover

Scanclimber will not repair or replace any part that:
  1. has been damaged in shipment for which Scanclimber is not responsible according to the applicable delivery conditions;
  2. becomes defective as a result of an accident after delivery to client, improper or unauthorized service, overloading, carelessness or improper storage, handling or use as an additional defect by not reporting of the first defect/part under the warranty;
  3. becomes defective as a result of normal wear and tear;
  4. becomes defective as a result of the use of spare parts and components which were supplied by third parties;
  5. otherwise has been used, maintained or serviced in a manner not consistent with Scanclimber’s operation and maintenance instructions and recommendations;
  6. in case of false or imperfect information of the original failure given by the client;
  7. has been damaged due to interventions, modifications or repairs made by third parties without prior written approval given by Scanclimber; or
  8. the conditions for the applicability of the warranty as set out above have not been met.

This warranty does not cover routine mechanical or electrical adjustments described and explained in the original documentation of the operation and maintenance supplied to the original purchaser. Such adjustments are under the responsibility of the client. In addition, minor defects, which do not effect to the use or performance of the product, are not covered by the warranty.

Scanclimber shall not be liable for special, indirect, incidental or consequential damages, whether in contract, warranty, tort, negligence, strict liability or otherwise including, but not limited to, travel expenses, allowances and shipment costs, loss of use of the product, loss of profits or revenue, damage to other property, delays, or claims of clients or other third parties for such or other damages.

Under any circumstances, what so ever the liability of Scanclimber for any damages shall be limited to the purchase price of the product directly and without any additional options or side products or components built together with basic unit.

Notwithstanding the before mentioned provisions, Scanclimber’s mandatory liability under any applicable law relating to product liability, as in effect from time to time, remains unchanged.

Scanclimber does not accept any liability for promises or warranties relating to the product and its parts, extending Scanclimber’s liability beyond the conditions clearly expressed in this warranty.

6. Reporting of defects

It is the responsibility of the client to report any nonconformity under this warranty in writing to Scanclimber. All defects must be reported without any delay, but in no case later than fourteen (14) days after the owner first discovered such defect or ought to have discovered the defect and claimed within two months.

If delay or carelessness in reporting to Scanclimber causes any additional costs, Scanclimber shall not be responsible for such a case.

Any reported defect shall be inspected and confirmed by technical personnel from Scanclimber, if not otherwise agreed in writing.

7. Law

This warranty shall be governed by Finnish law.

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