• Flexible, versatile and cost-effective

    Flexible, versatile and cost-effective

    SC8 is a personnel and material hoist model in Scanclimber's multi-purpose Triple Hoist product family. Triple Hoist is a lightweight, rack and pinion operated personnel and material hoist whose platform is driven by an electric motor on one or two masts.
  • Mobility for small worksites

    Mobility for small worksites

    Like other Triple Hoist models SC8 M/T/P has been designed for smaller building and renovation projects. They are cost-effective, compact and efficient. Not much space is required around the hoists, so they can also fit in confined spaces on worksites.
  • Call system for improved productivity

    Call system for improved productivity

    SC8P is a safe hoist for personnel transport, meeting all safety requirements set for construction hoists. The model is equipped with a call system, enabling them to be called to any floor. This minimises waiting times and ensures that no separate operator is needed.
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SC8 IS A SINGLE MAST personnel and material hoist. It has a platform size of 1.4 x 1.7 m and a payload capacity of 5 persons or 500 kg. It can be used to transport workers, materials and equipment to the correct height in one go. They save a lot of time compared to the use of scaffolding and other lifting methods. In addition, site safety is greatly improved when workers need not climb to higher floors on scaffolding. Separate material or personnel hoists will not be needed, because all transport can be handled using the same hoist.

SC8 HOIST is quick and easy to install and dismantle. The hoist requires no separate foundation as it is installed on its own frame. The only requirement is that the ground is levelled and hard. The frame structure is light but rigid and sturdy. With the frame replacing the ground station of conventional construction hoists, the hoist is significantly quicker and easier to install and move around the site than heavy construction hoists.

SC8 M/T/P Technical Data Overview

  • Main Components
  • Details
  • Capacity
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Safety Equipment
Description of the SC8 M/T/P main components
  • Single mast unit
    Single mast unit
    Using as transport platform one mast version can cope with loads of maximum 850 kilograms. As a personnel hoist the maximum passenger loading capacity is 5 persons. SC8P is suitable for projects at lower building heights (under 100 m).
  • Platform
    The platform size is 1.4 x.1.7 m and it is surrounded by solid walls. All the steelwork is hot-dip galvanised.
  • Mast Base
    Mast Base
    SC8P model is easy to transport and relocate. Thanks to its modular structure the installation, dismantling and transportation of the platform is quick and easy and thus very cost-effective.
  • Gates and Doors
    Gates and Doors
    Like other loading doors and gates, a ramp system can be installed on any or all three sides at the same time. The manually-operated, ramp type landing gate has a ramp length of 65 cm.
  • Safety brake
    Safety brake
    A mechanical, spring-loaded safety brake is a standard safety feature in all Triple Hoist models. It improves the safety and reliability of the hoist in everyday use. The highly durable safety brake is well protected from dirt and dust and is practically maintenance-free.
  • Controls
    The Triple Hoist controls are simple and easy to use. The hoist can be operated from the platform or called to a specific floor. Blinking lights and a buzzer alert personnel to the movement of the platform. Safety is increased by easily accessible emergency stop switches on the platform, on the floors and at the ground station.
  • Mast section
    Mast section
    All mast sections are hot-dip galvanized. One section has a length of 1.50 m and weight of only 43 kg. Scanclimber’s tubular mast sections have been designed to be compatible with Geda's Unimast sections. The maximum anchoring distance for Scanclimber's mast sections is 10 meters with a 3 meter overhang.
  • Assembly bridge
    Assembly bridge
    A foldable assembly bridge is optionally available for all Triple Hoist models to ease the erection of the mast and its anchoring. It ensures safe and smooth installation and dismantling of the platform. The maximum loading capacity is 120 kg.
DIMENSIONS of the SC8 M/T/P main components
  • SC8 M/T/P Main components
    SC8 M/T/P Main components
    Example of the machine in platform configuration.
  • SC8 M/T/P Mast Base
    SC8 M/T/P Mast Base
  • SC8 M/T/P Base Platform
    SC8 M/T/P Base Platform
  • SC8 M/T/P Loading Gate 1.1 m
    SC8 M/T/P Loading Gate 1.1 m
  • SC8 M/T/P Loading Hatch
    SC8 M/T/P Loading Hatch
  • SC8 M/T/P Unloading Ramp
    SC8 M/T/P Unloading Ramp
  • SC8 M/T/P Sliding Landing Gate
    SC8 M/T/P Sliding Landing Gate
  • SC8 M/T/P Double-Leaf Landing Gate
    SC8 M/T/P Double-Leaf Landing Gate
  • SC8 M/T/P Mast Section
    SC8 M/T/P Mast Section
  • SC8 M/T/P Cable Guide
    SC8 M/T/P Cable Guide
  • SC8 M/T/P Anchoring Complete
    SC8 M/T/P Anchoring Complete
  • SC8 M/T/P Assembly Bridge
    SC8 M/T/P Assembly Bridge
    A foldable assembly bridge is optionally available for all Triple Hoist models to ease the erection of the mast and its anchoring.
  • SC8 M/T/P Safety Fencing
    SC8 M/T/P Safety Fencing
    The safety fence is option equipment designed for SC8 M/T/P.
CapacitySC8M Single MastSC8T Single MastSC8P Single Mast
Usage Material Hoist Transport Platform Personnel Hoist
Payload depending on configuration 850 kg 7 persons / 850 kg 5 persons / 500 kg
Speed 12, 24 m/min 12, 24 m/min 12, 24 or 36 m/min
Max. lifting height, with anchored mast 100 m (higher mast by request)
Lifting motor 3/6.1 kW
Max. distance between anchors 6 m
Max. free mast after topmost anchoring 2 m
Platform size 1380 x 1700 mm
Mast section, hot-dip galvanised 1.5 m / 43 kg
Maximum wind speed
  • during erection and dismantling
  • during operation
  • when the platform is on base level
  • 12.5 m/s
  • 20.0 m/s
  • 42.0 m/s
Operation temperature -25..+40 C˚
Noise level < 78 dBA
Electrical data / cageSC8 M/T/P
Power - lifting motors
2 speeds
3 /6,1 kw
0,2/0,4 m/s
Supply voltage/frequency 400/50 V/Hz
Control voltage/frequency 48/50 V/Hz
Max. starting current 78 A
Power consumption 13 kw
Size and type of the main fuse 16 A 32 A slow 3 phase
Socket of hand tools, voltage/current 230/10 V/A
Safety equipmentSC8 M/T/P
Mechanical safety brake (UC- 6) Red mark
Emergency lowering system Red mark
Final limit switch on the top and bottom end of the mast Red mark
Functional limit switches on the top and bottom end of the mast Red mark
Emergency stop buttons at the base level, in the platform Red mark
Overload detection device Red mark
Residual current device Red mark
Landing gate closed, limit switch Red mark
Landing gate locking device in closed position, limit switch Red mark
Platform gate/ramp closed limit switches Red mark
Platform gate locking device in closed position, limit switch Red mark
Service key switch on the platform Red mark
Roof hatch closed limit switch Red mark
Buffers at the base level under the platform Red mark
Brakes - spring-loaded disc brake Red mark
Brake torque (Nm)
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