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Scanclimber® by Tractel®

In February 2018, Tractel® a world-leading safety specialist company acquired Scanclimber®. Today Scanclimber® is part of Tractel's working-at-height solutions portfolio.

Company Profile

Scanclimber® by Tractel®

Scanclimber Oy has been a trusted producer of demanding and safe vertical access solutions for over 40 years and have successfully matched various requirements without compromising the safety, high quality or durability of our equipment, such as mast climbing work platforms, passenger and material hoists, industrial hoists, special/custom built hoists.

Scanclimber® by Tractel® supplies products to more than 250 clients, in Europe, North America and Asia. Company has 225 employees, operates a well-invested production facility in Poland and a centre of excellence in Poland, and sells products through a network of distributors and sales agents globally.


Tractel® is a world-leading safety specialist providing reliable, innovative and cost-effective working-at-height solutions and services. These solutions are used in many end-user applications, in particular in industrial, construction, energy, telecoms and infrastructure projects.

Tractel®’s solutions portfolio comprises of:

  • Height Safety - Leading provider of working-at-height personal protective equipment – fall arrest devices (stopfor™, blocfor™, derope™), anchors, harnesses - as well as collective protective equipment, such as guardrails, (BlueWater™), safety gates (Fabenco™) and safety nets (Knot®).
  • Load Measurement & Control – European leader in industrial load measurement and control – dynafor™, handifor™, dynasafe™, dynaline, dynarope, and dynaplug.
  • Lifting & Handling – World leader in pass-through manual wire rope hoists (tirfor®) and pass- through electrical wire rope hoists (tirak™, minifor™), clamps, pulleys and hooks, as well as ground handling equipment.
  • Temporary & Permanent Access – World leader in hoists (tirak™) and aluminium platforms (ALTA, skysafe™), mast climbing work and transport platforms and construction elevators (Scanclimber®), Building Maintenance Units and permanent access solutions for industry, infrastructure and buildings.
  • Services- in-situ inspection and maintenance services for permanent access equipment, workshop maintenance and general overhauls of mechanical equipment, as well as training and rental services.

Established more than 70 years ago, Tractel® today has significant manufacturing facilities in Europe (France, Germany, Poland, Spain), the USA (Minneapolis, Houston), Canada (Toronto, Montreal), China (Shanghai), Singapore and Turkey. These facilities are supported by dedicated centres of excellence in R&D, engineering and safety standards. Tractel® has customers in 120 countries, subsidiaries in 19 countries, 10,000 distributors around the world, and employs around 1,100 people.

This network of expertise, experience and geographical locations allows Tractel® to achieve global reach with local presence.

Scanclimber® by Tractel® Values


Safety is paramount in everything we do

Our customers, contractors and rental companies rely on us to keep our products users safe when working at height and in their respective work environments, and we will do everything we can to maintain that trust.

High product quality is a necessity for safety. Our products are designed in Finland by experienced professionals and are manufactured in Poland with an ISO certification.

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Interests of our Customers

The Interests of our Customers are at the forefront of our mind.

The distributors, contractors, rental companies and other customers we work with around the world are the lifeblood of our business existence. Our business does well if we deliver the value that makes their business do well.


We focus on Reliability

We take pride in the fact that our products and solutions are of the highest quality and work reliably throughout their lifetime. We pride ourselves on being just as reliable in business. We say what we do and do what we say, we are trusted business partner.

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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We value Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We take pride in growing our business, we are agile and fast in developing opportunities. We innovate because it is how we bring better value to our customers, differentiate from our competitors and ultimately ensure that Scanclimber® by Tractel® continues to thrive for years to come.

Focused and Transparent

We are focused on the projects we have decided to deliver and value team work.

We act transparency in designing and manufacturing our products with our customers and we are accountable for the projects under our responsibility.

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