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Scanclimber Hoist in Factory Automation

Scanclimber offered a tailored industrial/permanent hoist SC1120 for NGK Ceramics factory combined with conveying rollers in order to reduce labor participation and manual transportation of goods. The main benefit of using Scanclimber hoist was an automatic line for horizontal and vertical goods transport.

Scanclimber at Bauma 2016

11.-17.4.2016 Munich, Germany

The Triple Hoists

front page triple hoist single
The Triple Hoist is the first family of lightweight, multi-purpose hoists. It has been specifically designed for smaller building and renovation projects. This makes it a perfect choice and tool for rental and scaffolding companies. One of the biggest advantages of these flexible, lightweight transport platforms is that they are callable – contrary to their rivals. Callability means that the platform can be called to a specific floor like a normal lift. Today, transport platforms are not callable.

The Mast Climbing Work Platforms

SC8000 front page
The Mast Climbing Work Platform is a perfect platform for all facade renovation work and different installations. Work can always be conducted at an ergonomically ideal height. If necessary, the platform can be protected from wind and rain, and even be heated, which guarantees continuation of work also during cold seasons.

The Construction Hoists

front page SC3237
The Construction Hoist family offers a heavy-duty, flexible and upgradable transport system for materials and people, with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 300 m.

The Industrial Elevators and Hoists

SC400K side 04 440x330
Scanclimber industrial elevators and hoists are meant for vertical transportation of persons and materials.

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