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Pulp and Paper Industry

Pulp is prepared by separating cellulose fibers from wood, fiber crops or waste paper. This could be done chemically or mechanically. Pulp is then bleached and dried to get the actual paper. The resulting paper is then finished according to the end use. Papermaking process is very old which was first invented in China in second century A.D. reaching Europe by 12th century. The machines have been developed over the passage of time because of which the process is faster and productivity is higher but the basic process of papermaking is still the same. Pulp and paper industry is lately controlled by North American, North European (Finland, Sweden and North-West Russia) and East Asian (China, Japan, South Korea) countries.

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Our know-how in pulp and paper industry

  • Scanclimber hoists are a good choice because of the installation costs are low since Scanclimber hoists can be adjusted anywhere without any major structural changes. Also, there is no need for separate machine control room as motor units installed on the car roof. In case of safety brakes failure, the backup brakes are also available ensuring safety.

  • Scanclimber hoists are highly adaptable because of modular design e.g. in order to facilitate the material to be transferred directly from truck to hoist, extra cage doors could be incorporated on the ground level. In case, there is requirement of installation not 100% vertically, Scanclimber hoists could be deployed at different angles.

  • Scanclimber also offers ‘Callability’ feature in hoist services in which hoist could be called to specific floor ‘like a lift’ and also records the priority of the calls being made to the hoist. Our services team is well trained experienced and we often can ensure 24 hrs service availability.

What Scanclimber Offers

Scanclimber offers range of hoists which are able to withstand continuous abrasion, heat and similar conditions as in Paper manufacturing industries. This range of hoists that Scanclimber offers depends on,

  • Cage dimensions
  • Space available at site (where hoist needs to be installed)
  • Payload capacity (300-3200 kg).

Industrial Hoists Models