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Industrial Hoists

Metal and Steel Plants

At steel plant, raw iron is processed to remove impurities and to add alloying elements to from steel. Steelmaking process requires extreme conditions and the furnace in the plant operates at very high temperatures.

Special Requirements & Need of Hoist

Since the process involves melting iron, this causes hazardous gases emitted in the environment. The working conditions are similar in other metal production factories as well. Such extreme situations demand material handling and labor movement to be reliable, quick and safe. Material handling is intensive and these kinds of facilities need elevators and/or hoists for internal transportation of raw material. In addition to material handling, maintenance of the plant is vital. In order to access the places at heights, hoist proves to be vastly beneficial.

Our know-how in metal and steel plants

  • The installation costs are low since Scanclimber hoists can be adjusted anywhere without any major structural changes. Also, there is no need for separate machine control room as motor units installed on the car roof. In case of safety brakes failure, the backup brakes are also available ensuring safety.

  • Scanclimber hoists are highly adaptable because of modular design e.g. in order to facilitate the material to be transferred directly from truck to hoist, extra cage doors could be incorporated on the ground level. In case, there is requirement of installation not 100% vertically, Scanclimber hoists could be deployed at different angles.

  • Scanclimber also offers ‘Callability’ feature in hoist services in which hoist could be called to specific floor ‘like a lift’ and also records the priority of the calls being made to the hoist. Our services team is well trained experienced and we often can ensure 24 hrs service availability.

Metal and Steel Plants References

What Scanclimber Offers

Scanclimber provide customized solutions in accordance with the plant site. The range of offered hoists by Scanclimber depends upon,

  • Cage dimensions
  • Space available at site (where hoist needs to be installed)
  • Payload capacity (ranges from 300 – 3200 kg).

Industrial Hoists Models