About Us

Scanclimber has been producer of demanding and safe vertical access solutions for over 50 years

Scanclimber has successfully matched various requirements without compromising the safety, high quality or durability of our equipment, such as mast climbing work platforms, passenger and material hoists, industrial hoists, special/custom built hoists.

The company goes back to 1964 when the Polish State founded ZREMB. The Polish company purchased a manufacturing license for personal and material lifts from Alimak Ltd in 1967. The company's name was later changed to FADA Gniezno when the Polish government privatized ZREMB. FADA Gniezno began manufacturing mast climbing work platforms for Scaninter Nokia Oy in 1995.

Scaninter Nokia became the main owner of FADA Gniezno in 1999, and its name was changed to Scanclimber Sp. z o.o. In 2005 Scaninter Nokia owned Scanclimber Sp. z.o.o completely. Scaninter Nokia's name was changed to Scanclimber in 2008.

  • More than 250 clients
  • 225 Employed
Company history
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Interests of our Customers

The distributors, contractors, rental companies and other customers we work with around the world are the lifeblood of our business existence. Our business does well if we deliver the value that makes their business do well.


Our customers, contractors and rental companies rely on us to keep our products users safe when working at height and in their respective work environments, and we will do everything we can to maintain that trust. High product quality is a necessity for safety.


We take pride in the fact that our products and solutions are of the highest quality and work reliably throughout their lifetime. We pride ourselves on being just as reliable in business. We say what we do and do what we say, we are trusted business partner.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We take pride in growing our business, we are agile and fast in developing opportunities. We innovate because it is how we bring better value to our customers, differentiate from our competitors and ultimately ensure that Scanclimber continues to thrive for years to come.

Focused and Transparent

We are focused on the projects we have decided to deliver and value team work. We act transparency in designing and manufacturing our products with our customers and we are accountable for the projects under our responsibility.

How we differ

Our agile design and flexible high quality manufacturing provide great results for our customers. Our customers and sub-contractors provide great contributions for our product innovation, marketing and support.

Scanclimber Oy part of Alimak Group

Alimak Group is a global provider of sustainable premium height solutions. With presence in more than 120 countries, the Group develops, manufactures, sells and services vertical access and working at height solutions with focus on adding customer value through enhanced safety, higher productivity and improved cost efficiency. Alimak and Scanclimber has delivered vertical access solutions to meet the needs of a variety of construction and industrial projects around the world.

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