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Chemical Plants

Chemical Industry

A chemical plant is an industrial processing site where chemicals are produced on large scale. There are various types of chemical plants like polymer, pharmaceutical, oil refineries, petrochemicals and many more. Each kind of chemical plant has different environmental conditions which correspond to different requirement of machinery.

Any industry which produces on economies of scale involves extensive material handling processes which consumes a lot of time, energy and costs. In order to facilitate these processes, an industrial hoist can be an efficient resource to acquire. Hoists are able to move many chemical barrels at a time which is a common practice at a chemical plant. In addition, hoists can transport labor working at heights. Some of the chemical plants have large storage silo’s over 70 m in height. Hoists could add a lot more efficiency in terms of their timely maintenance and inspection. A chemical production site involves processes with high temperatures and harsh conditions. Thus the machinery to be installed at the plant must be able to withstand such environment and yet work for longer periods of time.

Our know-how in chemical plants

Scanclimber hoists are suitable for chemical industry because they are capable to work under extreme conditions. Another challenge for every chemical plant is to control corrosion on which millions of dollars are spent annually. Scanclimber hoists are made of steel parts which are hot-dipped galvanized which make them corrosion resistant.

The installation costs are low since Scanclimber hoists can be adjusted anywhere without any structural changes. Also, there is no need for separate machine control room as all the drives are installed within the hoist. In case of safety brakes failure, the backup brakes are also available ensuring safety.

Scanclimber hoists are highly adaptable because of modular design e.g. in order to facilitate the material to be transferred directly from truck to hoist, extra cage doors could be incorporated on the ground level. In case, there is requirement of installation not 100% vertically, Scanclimber hoists could be deployed at different angles.

Scanclimber also offers ‘Callability’ feature in hoist services in which hoist could be called to specific floor ‘like a lift’ and also records the priority of the calls being made to the hoist. Our services team is well trained experienced and we often can ensure 24 hrs service availability.

Scanclimber provide customized solutions in accordance with the plant site. The range of offered hoists by Scanclimber depends upon,

  • Cage dimensions
  • Payload capacity (300-3200 kg)
  • Space available at site (where hoist needs to be installed)

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