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Construction sites

On construction sites reliability and efficiency of machines are most importance for work productivity and safety. Scanclimber's mast climping work platforms, transport platforms and construction hoists provide rapid and reliable vertical access for passengers and materials on high-rise and low-rise construction, renovation and maintenance projects. Scanclimber has become one of the world´s technology leaders in mast climbing working platforms and rack and pinion hoists for several industries.

Mast climbing work platforms (MCWPs) are increasingly being used as temporary work places, giving variable height access to specific areas above ground level. In many cases MCWPs are more convenient to use than other forms of access equipment such as ladders, fixed scaffolding, staging or swingstage. Triple Hoist are hoists that serves as a material hoist, a personnel hoist and a transport platform. Costruction hoists offers a flexible and up gradable transport system for materials and people, with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 200 m.

Scanclimber vertical access solutions

Mast Climping Work Platforms

Scanclimber range of mast climbing work platforms are ideal for facade work. Efficient at even the lowest levels, mast climbing work platforms provide the ideal vertical access solution for facade work such as bricking, window installation, cladding, painting, coating and many others. Scanclimber mast climbers offer lifting capacity from 1000 kg up to 10200 kg, ideal work ergonomics with full access to the surface with lifting speeds up to 12 meters per minute.

Triple Hoist

This multipurpose hoist that serves as a material hoist, a personnel hoist and a transport platform has been specifically designed for smaller building and renovation projects. This makes it a perfect choice and tool for rental and scaffolding companies. Because of its multipurpose use, fast installation and extra safety features, the Triple Hoist provides a high return on investment – and still meets the stringent requirements of the European Machine Directive and Standards.

Construction Hoists

Scanclimber's construction hoists families offers a diverse range of capacities including various car sizes, payload capacities, lifting heights and speeds for the efficient vertical transportation of passengers, goods and materials.

The Falcon H48 hoist family offers a mid-range, flexible and up-gradable transport system for materials and personnel, with a spacious hoist cage, lifting up to the height of 300 meters.

The Wega H65 hoist family is a well established, heavy-duty construction hoist concept and reliable choice for vertical transportation of goods and personnel.

The Armada H65 hoist is simple, robust and reliable construction hoist designed to be a cost-effective solution for demanding customers. Armada is a mid-range personnel and material transportation hoist that can carry a payload of up to 2 tonnes at a time.

Scanclimber vertical access solutions for construction sites has been used around the world, across a range of applications including high-rise and low-rise construction, renovation and maintenance projects.
A major construction project in Aviapolis
Scanclimber Wega SC2037-H65 construction hoist was used for the vertical transportation of personnel...
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Scanclimber assisting to build 2nd largest Swiss building
Roche tower becomes 2nd largest tower in Switzerland with expected opening in second half of 2015 as...
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Building the HVB-Tower in Munich
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Heidelberg Europaplaz
Zech installing windows at Heidelberg Europaplaz
Around Heidelberg Europlatz main building, Zech had twelve Scanclimber SC8000 mast climbers with glide...
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Counter Balanced Extensions on a zig-zag facade at the worksite in Malaysia
A demanding mast climber solution was required on the 150-meter-tall zig-zag form buildings in Kuala...
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Mast climbers helped to build Hyvinkää's new hospital in Finland
HUS - The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa invested 63 million euros in a major Hyvinkää hospital...
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