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Ports and Harbors

Ports and Harbors

Ports and Harbors play a significant role in our world as major trade hubs of global economy. Cargo handling efficiency has a direct impact in our economy. The faster and more efficiently containers are managed, the better it is for the port and for the whole supply chain.

In a container port containers are transshipped between different transport vehicles and containers has to be moved from vehicle to another. Typically a crane is used for loading and unloading the containers.

Different types of cranes are used for cargo handling: ship-to-shore cranes, rail mounted gantry cranes, rubber tired gantry cranes, ship unloaders, etc. Since a container terminal can run 24/7, thus same availability of the cranes is critical.

In order to keep the cranes available, it is necessary that the access to cranes is quick and safely in all condition to minimize downtime. Standard cranes come with ladders only. It can take long time for a person to climb up all the ladders and it can be unsafe in bad weather conditions to access the crane. The maintenance of crane can consume a lot of time and effort since also material needs to be transported to the top of crane.

Our know-how in ports and harbors

Scanclimber has been providing solutions in container ports for many years now. We have expertise in working in different ports and our machines can withstand extreme conditions.

Our crane hoists are highly adaptable machines because of modular design. For example: hoists are not restricted to 100% vertical erection only and they can be deployed at different angles even in arc form.

Flexibility is our weapon and we believe we can fulfill most of your modification requirements.

Scanclimber philosophy highly emphasizes safety. We have developed our crane hoists ensuring all the safety standards. Our service team is well trained experienced and we often can ensure 24 hrs service availability for you.

What Scanclimber Offers

The most common crane hoist used in container ports is SC300K which is lightest machine able to carry payload of 300 kg or 3 persons. Scanclimber crane hoists have been in many ports around the World. Below some of them.

  • Oslo, Norway
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Le Havre, France
  • Rangoon, Myanmar
  • Saigon, Vietnam
  • Vladivostok, Russia
  • Rotterdam, Netherlands
  • Piombino, Italy
  • Tallin, Estonia
  • Bahrain, Bahrain

Scanclimber has gathered good deal of crane hoist design and service experience deploying them in various harbours around the world, including the Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam.

A feasible solution is to install a rack and pinion crane hoist/elevator which facilitates the access of the crane. Scanclimber offers a range of crane hoists as a solution to the needs and requirements of container ports and harbors. We have a range of suitable crane hoists which vary based on:

  • Cage dimensions
  • Payload capacity (300-3200 kg)
  • silo/shaft space available at the site (where the hoist needs to be installed).

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