Scanclimber History

The company goes back to 1964 when the Polish State founded ZREMB. The Polish company purchased a manufacturing license for personal and material lifts from Alimak Ltd in 1967. The company's name was later changed to FADA Gniezno when the Polish government privatized ZREMB. FADA Gniezno began manufacturing mast climbing work platforms for Scaninter Nokia Oy in 1995.

Scaninter Nokia became the main owner of FADA Gniezno in 1999, and its name was changed to Scanclimber Sp. z o.o. In 2005 Scaninter Nokia owned Scanclimber Sp. z.o.o completely. Scaninter Nokia's name was changed to Scanclimber in 2008.

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factory construction 1971

The state-owned ‘ZREMB’ -factory was founded.


factory construction 1971

The purchase of the license from Alimak, where the production of personnel & material hoists had already started. The purchase of this license determined the company’s future.


factory construction 1968

The erection of a new plant in Gniezno.


factory location

The privatization of the company. Simultaneously, the factory was renamed FADA-Gniezno Sp. z.o.o.


factory siedziba air

On the 1st of May 1995, the company was privatized. Its new shareholders were UNP -Holdings, Scaninter AG and WBK.


factory kopia 01

FADA-Gniezno Sp.z.o.o. entered the licensing agreement and started manufacturing a new generation of mast climbing work platforms. Scaninter Nokia Ltd. was one of the licensors. Scanclimber Sp. z.o.o. got a new owner and the modernization of the factory started.


factory siedziba 01

The company is joining the Scaninter Group and renaming to Scanclimber Sp. z o.o.


The implementation of a Manufacturing Resource Planning – MRP / CONCORDE XAL system.


factory Design office

The implementation of VERTEX3D/4D design software.


The company obtained the ISO 9000:2001 certificate.


Scaninter absorbed 100% of Scanclimber Sp. z o.o. shares.


The implementation of a SAP system.


Scanclimber Sp. z o.o.was awarded as IT leader in Poland.


MBO with assistance of Pohjola Bank.


Eifel Plattform

Scanclimber won IAPA Awards in two categories:

  • “Product of the Year” in the Mast Climbing Work Platforms and Hoists category for its SC8000 Eiffel transport platform.
  • “Access Project of the Year” for its provision of mast climbing equipment for refurbishing the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.


double decker capacity

Scanclimber’s “Double-Decker” -mast climbing work platform extension won the IAPA’s “Product of the Year” award. The double-decker is not a standard product. However, a standardized version of this product is also a part of our product catalog and is called the sliding deck extension.


IB Tower

Scanclimber won the IAPA’s “Project of the Year” award for its multiplatform system on the IB-Tower in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Counter Balanced Extension

Scanclimber won the IAPA’s “Product of the Year” award for its Counter Balanced Extension on the Fennel Project in Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.



In January 2018, Tractel a world-leading safety specialist company acquired Scanclimber. Today Scanclimber is part of Tractel’s working-at-height solutions portfolio.


Heavy Duty mast climber (HD MCPW) system

Scanclimber won the IAPA’s “Product of the Year” award for its Heavy Duty mast climber (HD MCPW) system.



In November 2022, Alimak Group, a globally recognized leader in vertical access solutions, expanded its portfolio through the acquisition of Tractel Group. This strategic move brought Scanclimber, a subsidiary of Tractel, under the Alimak Group umbrella. The acquisition was part of Alimak’s broader strategy to enhance its market presence and diversify its product offerings. Today, Scanclimber operates as an integral part of Alimak Group, contributing its expertise and products to Alimak’s comprehensive range of vertical access solutions.