• Ecocem factory in Moerdijk, Netherlands

    Ecocem factory in Moerdijk, Netherlands

    Ecocem manufactures environment-friendly, CO2 free cement, in several European countries. ORCEM, a subsidiary of Ecocem in the Netherlands, acquired a Scanclimber hoist to service and maintain the separation process plant in Moerdijk. In order for personnel and materials to reach the upper working floor, which is at a height of 24 meters, ORCEM invested in a new Scanclimber SC300K industrial hoist with a lifting capacity of 320 kg and the ability to transport up to 4 people.

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  • Burnt Lime Production in Regensburg, Germany

    Burnt Lime Production in Regensburg, Germany

    Walhalla Kalk GmbH & Co. KG deals with the production and sales of products made from limestone such as burned lime, blended lime with special materials and minerals for road construction. Walhalla Kalk needed a hoist at their largest production plant in Regensburg, Germany. Scanclimber's SC1500K hoist was installed at this lime production plant for the transportation of materials and personnel.

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  • Lhoist’s Lime Production

    Lhoist’s Lime Production

    Scanclimber's SC1500K hoist was installed for the transportation of materials and passengers at a Lhoist’s limestone mine and burned lime production plant in Istein, Germany. The hoist would also allow access to different parts of the plant which could assist in maintenance work.

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Our know-how in cement and lime industry

  • Scanclimber has been providing solutions in manufacturing plants for many years now. We have expertise in working in different plant locations and our machines can be customized according to requirement.
  • Our hoists are highly adaptable because of modular design. For example: hoists are not restricted to 100% vertical erection only, they can be deployed at different angles even in an arc form and are able to withstand extreme conditions. Flexibility is our weapon and we believe we can fulfill most of your modification requirements.
  • Scanclimber philosophy highly emphasizes safely. We have developed our hoists ensuring all the safety standards. Our services team is well trained experienced and we often can ensure 24 hrs service availability.
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Cement & Lime Production

walhalla kalk front view

Cement and lime is combined to produce concrete which hardens to form a strong building material. Burnt lime though is produced separately in a lime kiln which is used in different industries like steel, paper and pulp, mining, etc.

Special Requirements & Need of Hoist

Burnt lime production requires high temperatures exceeding over 900°C. The whole process is carried out under extreme conditions. With such conditions, these plants need equipment which helps in efficient material handling and labor transportation at certain heights. In addition to that, this equipment must be able to withstand dust, moisture and warmth ensuring safety. An industrial hoist can be a feasible solution which could be used for many purposes like,

  • Maintenance of plant and/or silos
  • Inspection of plant and/or silos
  • Passenger transportation
  • Material transportation

What Scanclimber Offers

walhalla kalk down view

Scanclimber hoist is the most feasible solution considering the criterion and conditions of the site. The hoists are customized according to requirements of the installation site. Scanclimber offers a range of mast and anchoring solutions which are able to bear excessive periods of abrasive use under extreme conditions.

This range depends upon,
  • Cage dimensions
  • Space available at site (where hoist needs to be installed)
  • Payload capacity (300-3200 kg).

Scanclimber Industrial products

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