• Dolna Odra Power Plant

    Dolna Odra Power Plant

    The requirements of Ministry of Environment Regulation, EU demand that the discharge pollutants from industrial processes and operations must be controlled and regularly monitored. Scanclimber SC500K Industrial Hoist was selected for the installation at chimney of the plant. SC500K successfully serves for periodic maintenance of chimney and to access the equipment installed on the chimney in order to monitor emissions.

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  • Neurath Power Plant, Germany

    Neurath Power Plant, Germany

    Two cooling towers were needed to be erected at Neurath Power Plant in Grevenbroich, Germany. A suitable solution was required to transport both material and passengers from ground to the landing location in construction phase. The main challenge was to adapt hoist to constantly changing gradient of the cooling tower having concave profile. Scanclimber solved the problem together with their client by developing an adaptation of the SCANCLIMBER SC2032F hoist to meet these very special requirements

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  • World’s Cleanest & Most Efficient Power Plant

    World’s Cleanest & Most Efficient Power Plant

    The coal power plant in Rustersieler Groden in Wilhelmshaven is a newly constructed power plant by GDF Suez which started its operations in full capacity in March, 2014. To ensure environment friendly emissions, it was essential to continuously monitor the emissions from the chimney which required access to the emission release point inside the chimney. Scanclimber SC400K Industrial Hoist was chosen for installation inside the chimney.

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Our know-how in power plants

  • Selecting Scanclimber hoists is a smart solution because of various reasons. The installation costs are low since Scanclimber hoists can be adjusted anywhere without any major structural changes. Also, there is no need for separate machine control room as the motor drive is installed on the car roof. In case of safety brakes failure, the backup brakes are available ensuring safety.
  • Scanclimber also offers ‘Callability’ feature in hoist services in which hoist could be called to specific floor ‘like a lift’ and also records the priority of the calls being made to the hoist. Our services team is well trained experienced and we often can ensure 24 hrs service availability.
SC2032 Cooling tower Neurath

What Scanclimber Offers

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Scanclimber offers a range of hoists from light weight to heavy duty ones capable to reach high elevations which could either be 100% vertical or at certain angle. Scanclimber hoists can be installed both inside and/or outside the structure as they are able to withstand extreme conditions.

Scanclimber provide customized solutions in accordance with the plant site. The range of offered hoists by Scanclimber depends upon,

  • Cage dimensions
  • Space available at site (where hoist needs to be installed)
  • Payload capacity (300-3200 kg).

Power Plants

gdf suez kraftwerk

There are many ways to generate power and with each method, the power plant has different structure. Regardless of whether it is coal, gas, nuclear, hydroelectric, wind or any other kind of power generation method, a power plant always requires vertical transportation medium. The reason is the requirement of regular maintenance in all types of power plants. This is of utmost importance as with the dependency of several households and industries on a single power plant, there is no room for unplanned breakdown.

Special Requirements & Need of Hoist

Nowadays, environmental regulations demand from companies to monitor the emissions discharged during the industrial processes and control them to the acceptable level of emitted pollutants. In order to ensure that emissions are within the confined limits, there is a need for personnel to get their measurements from the discharging points, in this case, mostly chimneys. A hoist could facilitate this process of constant check on emissions.

Scanclimber Industrial products

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