• Wega hoists in shipbuilding at Meyer Shipyard in Turku

    Wega hoists in shipbuilding at Meyer Shipyard in Turku

    Scanclimber Wega construction hoists were used for building a luxury cruiseliner at the Meyer shipyard in Turku, Finland. Hoists transported material and personnel up to the vessel’s 15 decks for inside finishing work.

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  • Double-Decker


    The SC8000 work platform and Double-Decker were used in German shipyard for a company which builds defense vessels and luxury yachts. The Double-Decker MCWP was used for ship surface/painting work. The company had deployed free standing twin and SC8000 MCWP’s, which reached a height of 20.7 meters without anchoring.

  • SC300K at a Shipyard Jib Crane

    SC300K at a Shipyard Jib Crane

    An SC300K Industrial Hoist was assembled by a jib crane in a shipyard in Split. The hoist was destined for the transportation of personnel and materials with a lifting capacity of 320 kg. It provided the crane's operators with easier access to the crane's control center and was also used by maintenance technicians and service men.

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What Scanclimber offers for Shipyards

  • Shipyard is a place where vessels are built and repaired. This process is assisted by using different kind of machines like cranes, working platforms, lifts, hoists, etc. Scanclimber offers range of working platforms and hoists to erect at shipyards. The nature of work at shipyards mostly is repairing or building vessel’s form, transferring material inside the vessel for building, working on the exterior body, façade painting or finishing work and many other requirements varying from project to project.
  • Scanclimber MCWP's

    Scanclimber MCWP's

    Some are special shipyard work like in St. Nazaire, France where Scanclimber SC4000 was used to transfer special ready-made cabin modules to the ship. Scanclimber MCWP’s have been used at several Finnish shipyards over the years. Scanclimber MCWP has also been used at a shipyard in South Korea.
  • MCWP Double-Decker

    MCWP Double-Decker

    A recent addition to Scanclimber’s fleet of machines is ‘Double-Decker’ MCWP. This MCWP is a perfect solution for shipyards as it offers optimal conditions in order to adapt to vessel’s shape by its two platforms, one over the other and its electro mechanical adaptability. For example, new generation of big yacht can be demanding because of tight schedules and needs many processes to be carried out simultaneously where this MCWP could prove to be highly valuable.
  • Scanclimber Industrial Hoists

    Scanclimber Industrial Hoists

    In addition to MCWP’s, Scanclimber is also providing solutions at shipyards with its industrial hoist. One such example is from Split, Croatia where country’s largest shipyard is located which has delivered more than 350 ships in last 70 years. At this port, a jib crane is installed which is used for building ships. In order to access the control center, an industrial hoist was required. Scanclimber won the bid and SC300K was installed on the crane.

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Our know-how in shipyards

  • Scanclimber has been providing solutions in shipyards for many years now. We have expertise in working in different shipyards and our machines can withstand extreme conditions.
  • Our machines are highly adaptable because of modular design. For example: hoists are not restricted to 100% vertical erection only and they can be deployed at different angles even in arc form and MCWP’s can be extended to reach places which are hardly accessible.
  • Flexibility is our weapon and we believe we can fulfill most of your modification requirements.
  • Scanclimber philosophy highly emphasizes safety. We have developed our machines ensuring all the safety standards. Our service team is well trained with experience and we often can ensure 24 hours service availability for you.
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Scanclimber products for Shipyards

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  • Feel free to leave us a message if you have any requests, questions or feedback and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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