The construction hoist family

Our construction hoists offer an upgradable transport system for materials and personnel, with a spacious hoist cage, lifting up to height of 300 meters. With reliability, flexibility, safety and low cost of ownership, our construction hoists are a sensible investment.

The advantages of construction hoist:

  • a compact and modular design
  • easy to load and unload
  • a frequency converter allows a smooth start and stop of the cage with a low starting current
  • modular anchoring equipment
  • the hoist can be called to a specific landing level like an elevator
  • efficiency mast
  • customizability
SCANCLIMBER CONSTRUCTION HOISTS have been used in various construction projects around the world for the vertical transportation of goods and personnel.
SC2032 cooling tower 640x360px

The construction of cooling towers

Scanclimber Wega SC2032F-65 hoist were used in the construction of cooling towers at Belarusian first nuclear power plant at Ostrovets, in the Grodno region.
lagos nigeria hoist carryying material and labour 640x360px

The construction of bridge's tower

The Construction of the Lekki Ikoyi Link bridge in the city of Lagos needed the hoist be installed at a certain angle. Our Wega SC2032-65 hoist were uset with special anchoring.
tampere tower hotel 640x360px

Materials and personnel travel by hoists

During the construction of the Tower Hotel in Tampere, Finland the transportation of personnel and goods were  handled by Scanclimber’s Falcon SC1432 construction hoists.

Our Construction Hoists are divided to different types of hoists families:

The FALCON H48 hoist family offers a mid-range, flexible and upgradable transport system for materials and personnel, with a spacious hoist cage, lifting up to the height of 300 meters.

The Falcon H48 family

sc2032 48 front 02

The Wega H65H hoist family is a well established, heavy-duty construction hoist concept and reliable choice for vertical transportation of goods and personnel.

The Wega H65H family

SC3232 65H side 02

The armada H65 hoist is simple, robust and reliable construction hoist designed to be a cost effective solution for demanding customers. Armada is a mid-range personnel and material transportation hoist that can carry a payload of up to 2 tonnes at a time.

The Armada H65

armada front side

The rambo H65H hoist family  include a range of heavy-duty construction hoists, which are reliable choice for vertical transportation of material and people. This hoist family is developed specially to address the needs of US market and according to the regulations of vertical access equipment in USA.

The Rambo H65H family

sc2031F 65H 02
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