• Armada H65 Hoist

    Armada H65 Hoist

    The Scanclimber Armada H65 is a simple, robust, and reliable construction hoist. It was designed to be a cost effective solution for demanding customers. It may not have all the extras of most our expensive hoists, but it does the vertical lifting job reliably and well. time. Armada is a design of Scanclimber quality hoists with new components that simplify the hoist and make it a cost effective and very reliable product.
  • Armada Advantages

    Armada Advantages

    -Compact and modular design.
    -A special Bus Bar electric power distribution system fixed to the mast.
    -Hoist is easy to load and unload. Possibility to take advantage of full loading space of 9.6 m³ , no wasted cubic meters.
    -Frequency converter allows both smooth and stepless start/stop of the cage with a low starting current.
    -Maximum free standing lift height of 6 m.
    -Modular anchoring equipment.
  • With options more functionality

    With options more functionality

    Optionally available:
    • -Landing gates
    • -Doors
    • -Ramp
    • -Double cage version
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Armada H65 concept

ARMADA PERSONNEL AND MATERIAL HOIST FAMILY offers a cost effective transport system for materials and personnel with a spacious cage capable of reaching high-rise buildings and other tall structures.
sc2032 65vl cage load

ARMADA HOISTS PROVIDE reliability, flexibility, safety, productivity, low energy consumption and low cost of ownership, making it a profitable investment for construction and rental companies.

THE ROBUST H65 MAST SYSTEM stands on a stable ground station and is easily assembled with the help of an auxiliary crane or by hand with an optional mast assembly crane.

WITH THE LOAD CAPACITY of up to 2000 kg and an operating speed of 54 m/min, Armada has the capability to cope with diverse and challenging construction projects.

sc2032 65vl bus bar mast

ARMADA HOISTS HAVE a special Bus Bar electric power distribution system. It replaces expensive electrical cabling trollies and systems often used in construction hoists. Bus Bars are fixed to the mast. Power distribution of the hoist is built at the same time as the Armada mast is erected. The Bus Bar system increases reliability and saves installation time by simplifying the hoist erection process.

WITH A CLIMBING RATE of 54 meters per minute, the Scanclimber Armada hoist is faster to ascend than most other hoists on the market in its economical price range, but it is also fast to set up. The stable mast is today approved for a maximum anchoring distance of 12 meters, which may be extended to 21 meters. These features increase labor efficiency and reduce erection time in a safe working environment.

Armada H65 models

  • SC2032-65VL Payload 2000 kg Speed 54 m/min Hoist is not in compliance with EN12159 standard and not CE certified.
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