• Falcon H48 Hoist

    Falcon H48 Hoist

    The Scanclimber Falcon H48 is a mid-range hoist for passengers and materials offering reliability, flexibility, safety and low cost of ownership, making it a good choice for both construction and rental companies. Since its launch in 2007, Scanclimber's Falcon H48 has been at work at several sites around the world. Falcon allows single or twin cage configurations. Its design is truly modular and offers cage lengths of 2.4 m or 3.2 m and a multiple choice of doors and ramps.
  • Falcon Advantages

    Falcon Advantages

    -Compact and modular design.
    -High efficiency mast.
    -Hoist is easy to load and unload. Possibility to take advantage of full loading space of 9.3 m³ , no wasted cubic meters.
    -Frequency converter allows both smooth and stepless start/stop of the cage with a low starting current.
    -Maximum free standing lift height of 6 m.
    -Modular anchoring equipment.
  • With options more functionality

    With options more functionality

    Optionally available:
    • -Computer controlled landing control system with pulse encoders
    • -Fault diagnostic system
    • -Overload detection
    • -Double cage version
    • -Automatic hydraulic ramp
    • -Automatic rack lubrication
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Falcon H48 concept

The FALCON H48 personnel and material hoist family offers a mid-range, flexible and upgradable transport system for materials and people, with a spacious hoist cage up to a lifting height of 300 m. The robust H48 mast stands on a stable ground station and is easily assembled with the help of a crane or by hand with an optional mast assembly crane.
sc2032-48 ramp down
FALCON's modular system allows to choose the required configuration with special features and characteristics. Later on the selected configuration can be adapted to different applications using relatively few modules and components. The hoist family offers different cage sizes, speed options and payload capacities. Additionally, there is a wide variety of landing gates, doors and mast anchoring systems.
sc2032 48 mast connection
FALCON's lifting capacities for single cage models are: 1400 kg or 2000 kg. For twin hoists the same payloads can be loaded into two cages, which means the greatest payload of 4000 kg. It is possible to safely transport up to 24 persons in one cage and 48 persons in two cages.

Falcon concept increases productivity

SC2032 Cooling tower Neurath
FALCON'S STRUCTURE IS MODULAR and provides reliability and low cost of ownership, making it a profitable investment for construction and rental companies. With a load capacity of up to 2000 kg and a lifting speed of 36 m/min, Falcon has already proved itself as a productive machine in various building sites around the world.
FALCON HOIST is delivered with a certain cage size and load capacity but with the interchangeable components, the hoist is easily up or downgraded for the next project.
Falcon mast allows maximum anchoring distances of 12 m. Different jobsites require different kinds of anchoring, which is why Scanclimber offers a wide selection of anchoring types. The anchors are easy to install with standard tools. This contributes to greater labour efficiency and reduced set-up time and of course to a safer work environment.

Falcon H48 models

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